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The club has been around since the 1880″s and WE have been based at the Upper Yarra Rifle Range since 1969.

Traditionally, target shooting has always been done from the prone position with jackets, slings and peep sights. like in the photo above..  F-Class is bringing scopes and stands to the competition arena with much tighter groups and closer competition.  

Most shooters now reload their own ammunition for the allowed calibers.  This typically gives greater accuracy as the loads are tuned to the rifle and barrel combination being used.  The Club runs reloading classes for new Members to help them understand the nuances of reloading they need to be able to prepare rounds safely and make them as accurate as possible.  There is some factory ammunition available from the Club to get you started.  (It is actually pretty good). Reloading does not save much money in the long run…

We are a very competition focused Club. Where a number of other clubs around the State and Country are now predominantly shooting F-Class, with scopes and stands, Lilydale are still more of a traditional Target Rifle Club using heavy jackets, slings and peep sights to shoot, as they did in the early 1900’s.   Traditional Target Rifle competition is still the basis for most State, National and International Competitions,  F-Class is catching up with an Australian Team being very competitive on the international stage in South Africa in April 2023.  80% of the Club Members still shoot the traditional Target Rifle discipline. Having said that, we do have a number of experienced F-Class shooters in the Club that can advise you if that is your interest.

Please see the descriptions of Target Rifle and the variations of F-Class under the “Information” tab at the top of the page.

 The Upper Yarra Rifle Range has shooting points at 300, 400, 500, 600 and 700 Yards.  The closest we typically shoot is 300 yards, but this is mainly for Zeroing and some Club Competition.  Most Inter-club, State or National Competitions now start at 500 yards and move to the longer ranges from there. Larger Competitions will shoot back to 1000 Yards where the Range has that capability…

 If you are interested in what we do, the Club hold regular Come and Try Days, to introduce potential new members to the sport of Target Shooting, usually on a Saturday from around 10:30 AM..  You will need to register for these sessions via the CONTACT FORM and someone from the Club will respond with details about the next session. They are typically held every second month subject to member availability and weather conditions.

The range mainly operates on both Saturdays and Sundays from mid-morning until late afternoon.  However, it may be operational on any day of the week with members training for State and National Competitions and ammunition and rifle testing.


Do not Go past closed gates when the red flags are flying.


Important Note: The fire access track across the range is NOT a public road!
It is only a fire access track and allows rear access to the farm at the end of the track. 

Stay Safe.

The Lilydale Rifle Club was founded in 1887 and has been shooting at the Upper Yarra Rifle Range since 1969.

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