The township of Lilydale has a strong military connection, which is well recorded in military historian Anthony McAleer’s book “The Shire of Lillydale and it’s Military Heritage“. The area had it’s own detachment of the 13th Light Horse and the Monash Military camps at Cave Hill were large affairs. The 24th CMF unit was based at Lilydale during WWII.  The local press regularly reported the military activity but gave little coverage to the rifle club in the early part of the century. Judging by Club numbers alone the club was formed in the second batch of clubs in 1887.  First report of club activities so far found is in the “Lilydale Express” on 22nd June 1907.  (1)

The Club has disbanded due to war time restrictions and members heading overseas on 3 occasions. It has then reformed some time after hostilities ended, the latest was in 1953 after the second world war.

We used to shoot at the old Henley Range in Lilydale at the bottom of Victoria Road in Lilydale.

When this range was closed we moved to the Upper Yarra Rifle Range, Wesburn and have been there ever since.


(1) From David Rapley’s Book “Rifle Clubs of the Yarra Valley – a historical perspective from 1885 – 2000