Bone fide visitors are welcome to Club Saturday shoots, have a look at what we do and talk about the sport, rifles and such things.


Prospective New Members

Are you interested in Target Shooting as a Sport?

The Club is always happy to welcome Potential New Members that want to shoot in Club Competition regularly on a Saturday afternoon!

You are always welcome to visit the Range of a Saturday and check it out!  We would be happy to talk with you about the sport and the types of rifles and configurations you can use.

You would not be shooting on the first visit.

Next Step

You are welcome to come and have a chat.

It is best to touch base via the Contact Page before you come to the range, given a number of the Lilydale Members are active in State Competitions and may not be at the range on a given Saturday.

You need to arrive before 12:30 PM so you can enter the range safely, given we close the entry point to shoot the longer distances and you would then need to walk in around the side of the range through the paddock to get to the firing point.

Please bring ear protection if you have it.


Want to try Target Shooting?

The first step would be to visit the range and find out what we do.

Just reiterate, it is most unlikely you will get a shoot on the first day.


There is a map to the range on the web site. The Upper Yarra Range is just out of Wesburn NOT Lilydale!


The Lilydale Club Members will actively support potential New Members.
We are not interested and don’t have the time for  people wanting to come out for a social day.

We would recommend you get there before 12:30 PM at the latest so you can safely enter the range we are shooting at, on the day.

We would also recommend you make contact a day or 2 before you come, to ensure we will be there on that day.

There are a always competitions around the state and country coming up and we could be away.

Please “Contact Us

Once you are at the range we can discuss what is involved, the rifles and ammunition we use, costs and timing for shooting

If time and conditions allow, we might even be able to offer you a go with a rifle.

If not, we will schedule a time with you to come back for a go.

Cost for ammo and coaching is $75 for a standard 10 shot detail