Target Rifle
This is the traditional discipline of shooting, which utilises mainly the 7.62mm and 5.56mm calibres (.308 and .223), open metal peep sights and foresight rings, and slings to support the rifle in the prone shooting position. It still boasts the greater number of competitors of any Fullbore National Rifle Association category, and consequently is very competitive at the top level.

There are restrictions on rifle weight, projectiles, trigger weight, sighting magnification, and many other aspects such as thickness of padding in jackets and mats.

The target rifle category is a test of the basic shooting skills and in order to succeed at the top level requires a very steady hold, and excellent visual acuity.

We use dedicated, Heavy Barrel, Single Shot Target Rifles, mostly in .308 and .223 calibres with aperture sights or telescopic sights.

This category allows all the advantages of Scopes and Bipods and and removes some of the restrictions for the rifle.

F-Standard has the same specs for Target Rifle and is basically a stepping stone to F-Class Shooting by adding a scope and bipod or stand.

F-Open is for any calibre up to 8mm and the rifle’s overall weight limit must not exceed 10kg , and the trigger can be much lighter (vigorous cycling of the bolt is considered safe).

F-TR is similar to F-Standard but the projectile is free and the rifle must use a bipod rather than a stand. The Bipod is included in the weight limit of 8.25 Kg.


Because of the expected performance levels in F-Class, different scoring on the targets is normally used, with smaller rings, making maximum scores more difficult to achieve.