COME AND TRY SESSIONS ARE NOW OPERATIONAL AGAIN.  Please register your interest via
contact link at the bottom of the page.

ZEROING/RUNNING IN RIFLES ARE will available again shortly.
We are preparing zero targets ans stop butts at 25 and 100 yards for this purpose.

BASED ON current progress, this will be operational in early 2024…


So we will be offering setup for Centre Fire Rifles at 25 & 100 yds

Max Calibre is 8mm, preferably no muzzle brakes…


WHEN: Scheduled Saturday’s ONLY – from 10.00am till 11.30am (arrive at 9:30am to ‘Sign In’) – We aim to have 4 sessions per year but could expand to monthly if numbers are significant.  You will be given 30 minutes to complete the sighting.  If you need longer, this will be granted as long as it does not disrupt another person sighting…


HOW TO REGISTER: You will need to book via the contact page.  You need to clearly state the type and calibre of rifle, if it has a muzzle break and what you expect to shoot with it.  If it is a new rifle and needs to be run in, please clearly state this as it will take longer to complete!

We will confirm a day and time with you as soon as is practical given other things happening on the range.


Competent and Accurate visitors may be given the opportunity to shoot with members at 300 yds to gain confidence at a longer range. 


WHAT TO BRING: Please make sure you rifle has been at least bore sighted and you have a cleaning kit with you if it is new rifle.  One piece cleaning rods are encouraged – the screw together ones are a waste of money – you will break it!  If you are shooting copper jacketed projectiles, you will need a bronze brush, carbon solvent, copper solvent and a jag or nylon brush with cleaning cloth to do the job properly.  We will spend time with you on cleaning and have a borescope available to review results.


Arrive with the BOLTS out of your rifles or a flag in the breach if not removable  (this is a VRA Rule)


HOW MUCH: $50.00 (+$10.00 for any additional Rifles, Maximum of 3)


QUESTIONS: See our Contact Pages on the Website.
If you have any questions, please ask before booking.